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2024 Summer Registration

Welcome to signing up for the summer programs here at the Sackawa Canoe Club. Our coaches and athletes are looking forward to you joining us this summer as we prepare for another fantastic summer on the water. This year's we've implement a new registration system called RAMPS. Before you sign up take some time to read about the available programs and some instructions on how to use the new system. 


Summer Program

Our full summer program is the best way to spend a summer on the lake, hanging out with friends and becoming an athlete in the sport of canoe/kayak. 


The main focus for this age group is being active, and having fun while working to develop balance and technical skills. Athletes will also learn how to respect equipment, including how to carry and put away boats/paddles safely, walking (not running) on the docks and in boat bays. Athletes will learn respect for their fellow athletes and fair play practices for their competitors. U10 paddlers will be on the water twice a day; once in their own kayak or canoe, and again in a war canoe. If the weather isn’t cooperating for outdoor activities, our coaches adapt with dryland or indoor games and activities. 

Our U10 paddlers also have the opportunity to take part in race days, known as Regattas. These days are a fun introduction to competition. Regatta participation is regarded as important and mandatory. If it is not possible for your child to attend a regatta, we kindly ask that the coach be made aware via email in advance. 


Registrant must be at least age 8 on Tuesday, December 31, 2024

Program starts July 2nd and ends August 23rd

Summer Program Costs

$1200 (+$200 for U10)

*The $200 for all athletes 10 and under is mandatory for full-day supervision *Includes $100 mandatory fundraising fee used for equipment.

U12 - U16

Paddlers in U12/U14/U16 have three scheduled sessions per day which can include dryland training, soccer, war canoe, and small boats white water, polo and dragon boat. Those who are new to paddling will learn the sport through the FUNdamentals. We will emphasize safety and care for equipment all in a positive learning environment. Experienced paddlers will refine these skills and work toward racing and high performance training. Regatta participation is considered mandatory. However, in the event your athlete is unable to attend, we ask that you please let your coach know via email in advance.


Registrant must be at least age 11 for U12, 13 for U14 and 15 for U16 on Tuesday, December 31, 2024


Program starts July 2nd and ends August 23rd

*Includes $100 mandatory fundraising fee used for equipment.

Two Week Day Camp

(Ages 8 and Up)

Our two week camp programs are for any youth aged 8 and up. These camps are intended to give participants an opportunity to try paddling to see if they would be interested in the sport of canoe/kayak.  There will also be lots of other physical activities, like swimming, running, soccer, and gym exercises. The dates for the two-week day camps are as follows:

  • July 2-12

  • July 15-26

  • July 29-August 9

  • August 12-23


Registrant must be at least age 8 on Tuesday, December 31, 2024

Paddle Ability/PaddleAll

This program is aimed at introducing athletes with physical or intellectual disabilities to the sport of Canoe-Kayak. Formerly known as PaddleALL, it has programs for all ages and skill levels. No experience is necessary. Come out and enjoy the freedom of being on the water. Tuesday, Thursday at 6pm and Sunday afternoon (TBD).

(3 days per week for 1.5 hours)


How to use the RAMPS registration system

  • When you click on the registration button above you will need to create an account using your email address and set your password.

  • You will be emailed a confirmation code. If you don't receive the code right away check your spam folder.

  • Click the Participant button

  • In the second dropdown menu Choose Account Member to Register as a Participant select Add an Account Member

  • Fill in the details for your participant

  • Click the drop down for Choose a Category and Age Group. Note: If you are registering for a two-week day camp you will need to select Recreational Youth Member. 

  • On the next page you will need to consent to the CKC image waiver, sign the form on the screen and click the checkbox next to I am the Age of Majority or am a Parent/Guardian to the Registrant and Agree to the Terms and Conditions Above

  • On the next screen set two people for Parent/Guardian/Emerg. Contact Information.

  • Fill out the two Canoe Kayak Canada Member questions on the next page.

  • Confirm Your registration details on the next page, select your payment method and submit your registration.

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