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Sackawa's Bar
      The Paddle Pub

Welcome to First Lake - Home of Sackawa's own Paddle Pub 🍺


It gets even better. We carry all your fav East Coast brands like @O'lBiddies, @ninelocksbrew @lakecitycider and make some of the best cocktails you've ever had.


Come try our delicious specialty coffees and new shooter menu.


Sackawa is a members bar, but guests are always welcomed. Membership is easy, only $10 for a lifetime, which can be purchased online below, or simply added to your bar bill at any time. Membership has its privileges, like discounts to events.


You deserve a fun night out! Check out The Paddle Pub and see why we are becoming the place to be for a fun night out in Sackville.


Thursday - Friday 5:30pm - 10pm

Saturdays for special events when advertised.

We will be closed for private events on some Fridays, please watch posts and notifications, or call ahead.

Sales from the bar support building overhead and maintenance, equipment purchases, and overall programming.

Check out the great selection of menu items we have available:

Green Minimal Street Food Menu (1).png
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