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Year Round Paddling

Our paddling sport is not just limited to the summer months

If the paddler in your home found summer camp wasn't enough for them and they would like to explore the sport further we have some special pricing available. The below pricing is year-round pricing and includes next summer 2024's registration fees. (No big summer registration fee)


Pick the plan/number of practices per week from 3, 5 or 10 that best suits your athlete and then they can attend after school each day starting on September 11. 

Note: if your child selects the 10/practices per week option, this includes the exclusive early morning practices.

3 Sessions/Week

Full Cost/Annual - $1,320 

Monthly Cost - $110

5 Sessions/Week

Full Cost/Annual - $1,560

Monthly Cost - $130

10 Sessions/Week

Full Cost/Annual - $1,920

Monthly Cost - $160



Select training plan
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Thank you for registering for Sackawa's Year-Round Paddling Program.

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