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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the start and end dates for the full summer program for 2024?

The full summer program will start on July 2nd and end on August 23rd (8 weeks)

When is early drop-off and late pick-up?

Early drop-off is between 7:30am and 9am.
Late pickup is between 4pm and 5:30pm.

What do kids need to bring to the club each day?

There is no overnight storage of personal property allowed within the club. The change room will be emptied every day after program hours and items left behind disposed of. Please be sure to label all personal items brought to the club so there isn’t confusion as many people have the same stuff.

-Lifejacket CSA approved (non-inflatable)
-Water bottle / sunscreen / sunglasses
-Change of weather appropriate clothing
-Swimsuit / hat / towel
-Running shoes
-Snacks, lunch, or canteen money

What are the COVID-19 protocols?

We continue to follow NS COVID rules, and update our policies as the province dictates.

Is there a Lost & Found?

All items left behind will be laid on the lawn at athlete pickup location. This tends to grow rapidly, so each weekend items will be brought to good will boxes. Please ensure your athletes have all their property before leaving each day.

What is the disciplinary policy?
Click HERE to access the disciplinary policy (which is part of the waiver)

What is the refund policy?

Click HERE to access the refund policy

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